Thursday, March 05, 2009

Push play & hammer

After a long weekend in NoVa visiting the family, the Capt seems to be on the biking downswing. I only managed 1 ride in NoVa, a nice 64 mile solo ride to visit my sister & mom's work place & meet some of the fine ladies at their office (if you're reading this Kelly, you should next be emailing me). My Rogues Racing picture is displayed in the office & I have found out it has been affectionately (or perversely) dubbed the "package picture." Funny cause I'm not holding any boxed goods, hmm.

After riding Wednesday, trying out a new Prologo saddle, the old back pain flared up & the demotivation kicked in. After reassessing the saddle fit, I determined it was 6mm to rearward. 6mm too long, the story of my life. After moving the saddle forward, I still didn't have the inclination to get on the bike & fear the back pain I have come to dread.

Luckily my crazy sister called saying she wants to buy a bike. After a 20 minute talk about bikes, caloric burn rate, & heart rate monitors, I felt I should man up & get on the bike & see how it goes. Knowing I still needed a little push to get out the door into the warm weather, I stuck the I-Brick mp3 player in my pocket, loaded up some old Metallica (when they were good), and blasted down the road, instantly realizing my saddle was where it belonged, cradling the "package." For 2 hours, double kick drums & tight guitars blasted through the ear buds, oh yeah, the legs are coming back, the brain is thinking positively.

So little kiddies, when you are feeling low, load up on coffee, eat some potatoes, grab the bike & blast Blackened. This shit will having you pedaling like a coke head on a stolen bike.

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Ignacio Moore said...

Master, master, where's the dreams that I've been after? Laughter, laughter, promised only lies!