Saturday, February 28, 2009

Reverse Road Rage

It's confirmed. Northern Virginia blows for cycling. After living in Blacksburg for almost 4 years, I've become spoiled by our low traffic, rural roads. So after riding 65 miles on shit traffic, a-hole clogged NoVa roads, the Captain is ready to rage and snatch & grab the douchenozzles who think they own the road.

In SW Va you can usually chock up all the "biker fag" comments to some uneducated redneck in a dually pickup, but in NoVa, the spectrum of assholeness knows no bounds. So to the rich business man in his Mercedes SUV, to the Redneck with the 4th grade education in your big ass pick-um-up truck, I give you a hearty FUCK YOU.

I warned you I was ready to rage. Maybe its years of supressed anger from my time in the Marines, the andrenaline I feel while stomping the pedals, or years of sexual tension, but yesterday I was praying someone would have the balls to stop & exchange words. The only words I would have uttered would be:


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Anonymous said...

Oddly, although I live in an area with quite a few "good ol' boys" in p/u's, I don't get yelled at, hazed or harrassed. Well, except the one guy with the camper...jerk.