Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sick in the Head

One week till the Jeff Cup Road Race and I wake up with infected snot draining from my sinuses. Contrary to what Phillips believes, it was not from watching Two Girls, One Cup, (which I have never, nor will ever, view) but from the changing weather. Every spring & fall when the weather changes from warm to cold, I seem to get a little sinus infection. I lucked out & did not get sick this fall or winter, but hell, today the 1st day of spring, I wake up congested.

In an attempt to blow out the congestion, I went on the usual Saturday ride, the plan was to do about 90 miles. I made it about 25 miles before deciding I would be better served to rest & recover than to force onward. It turned out to be the right decision. As a mountain biker more than a roadie, I pride myself on my bike handling as a way of intimidating the regular roadies. Little did I know that all the pressure would force me to use all my skills just to make it home. As I struggled up Gap mountain at a blistering 6mph, closing my eyes would make the pain go away but also make me zone out & swerve like I was zooted off my ass back in "High" School.

It's funny what the mind will imagine when the body is pushed to hard, the glucose in your body at dangerously low levels. As I forced the cranks over, the song kept repeating in my mind.

Here's hoping there is no permanent brain damage done.

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