Sunday, February 08, 2009

Owen Cup B Race

This past weekend, Blacksburg once again held the Owen Cup race ride. After a good Rogues Racing training camp, I felt ready for the distance & intensity this ride would bring. We had a huge turn out for the 10:00 a.m. start that meets at the local coffee house Bollo's. The race ride is broken down into two groups, the A group made up of Pro, Cat 1-3 riders, and the B group made up Cat 4-5 & old fat guys. After Cow Tail talked some shit to me, I did what I normally do not do & just bit my lip & kept quite. Its called keeping your cards close to your chest. Knowing that the form is coming around after training camp, a good night of eating lots of good food, and plenty of rest, I felt prepared to put it all together come Saturday.

And come together it did. The long hilly course coupled with a headwind on Blacksburg road saw earlier groups all come back together on Harding Rd. & with the A group intermingling with the B's, everything was blown open. Coming back on Blacksburg Rd into the headwind I knew I needed to soften up @RyanHarne since on most days he will blast me on the climbs. Several feeler attacks showed that my legs were ready, his were failing, & come the base of Harding I gave it full gas, opened up the gap, & willed my fat ass up the climb to take the B race*

* (It has been determined that if you are a former all American runner & previous Cat 2 racer, you should be racing in the A race Steve , sorry you've been relegated by the commisare, but thanks for the sweet bike)

So 2009 is looking to be good as long as the back holds out, the zole fits into the saddle cutout, and I keep the post race vomiting to a minimum. I can feel relieved that for the 2009 Owen Cup, I was the fastest of the fat, old men!

On another depressing note, I received my USA Cycling race license. Racing age for 2009: 32. Fuck, I wish I was dyslexic, & it read 23. Don't let the old people fool you, getting old blows goat nuts.


Lester said...

Sounds like you pinned down, nice job Dan.

Too bad you wont be in Raleigh this weekend.

cableguy46 said...

Good job on your race Capt...but hey tone it down on the age, OMG 32, young man you are so lucky to be that young, keep kicking butt, youngin...:)

Lester said...

Dan, where'd you go from the bike shop yesterday. I turned around to ask you a question, and you were gone.

you coming down for any of the greenville spring series?

Anonymous said...

Very shorts, simple and easy to understand, bet some more comments from your side would be great