Friday, February 20, 2009

Swingers, Martini's, & Dogs...oh my!

5 days later & I think the remnants of my weekend in NoVa have finally subsided. What was orginally meant to be a getaway weekend at my sisters house for my 6 year old nieces birthday party turned into the same old scenario when I hang out with my sister too much. Instead of 5 days of the bike training, I only mananged 3 rides, & I can barely call any of them training. I'll chalk that up as a rest week & move on.

The real story is, people in NoVa are weird. Yeah, thats coming from me who believes everyday should be a weird day. It seemed like a normal family get together, playing with my niece, drinking an adult beverage or two while the little kiddie birthday party raged on, throwing kids across the room onto the couch, and doing the fun stuff that uncles are meant to do. All is well, until my sister gets the notion of taking uncle Dan out on the town.

And here is where I see the trend. Everytime I've gone out with my sister to a big city I:

  1. Get royally shitfaced (lost count of the beers & Martini's)
  2. Have a run in with security or some "authority" figure at some point or another
  3. Get royally shitfaced
  4. Talk shit to guys 5 times my size, well at least in height or width
  5. Get royally shitfaced
  6. Learn about suburban married life
  7. Get royally shitfaced.
  8. Wake up the next day, vowing to never do that again.
  9. Have to research Statute of Limitations before I cross back into county lines again

So, Yes, I'll admit somewhere therein lies a problem. And I believe I found the root cause. My sister broke out a picture of times long gone & it all became clear.

She has never forgiven me for being the cuter baby and now it has become her life goal to secretly, or actually not so secretly, help me (though not much help is needed) make an ass of myself whenever we hang out. I'm sorry Jen, I had no say in the matter of baby batter. I received the Collinsworth genes, you got the brains & the money, I got the looks & self destructive behaviors. Seems like a fair trade-0ff.

What I did take home is some valuable lessons in suburban survival. For one, I learned that white rocks in your front yard signify your house is a Swinger house. Not one to miss such an opportunity I promptly went out & purchased a white rock for my house that hopefully conveys the message.

No sooner did I put it in front of my house, and this lovely lady showed up.

I also learned that I need to "accesorize" my house more, so I am off today to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to pick out some lovely curtains, maybe some paintings, and some decorative spear tips that I seem to have a liking to after some drinks. I feel my man bits shrinking at the thought. Never would I dream I would have to analyze, "hmm what color curtains go with my carpet." <--- Not Code, either.

Tis a sad day. The only saving grace was, "hmmm I wonder what color curtains signify a swinger house?"

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