Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday Morning "Dicklips" Ride

Long time, no blog. The main reason is I've been on a two week bender of boozing mixed in with some sparse mountain biking. Good times for sure, and many a drunken night stumbling back to get on the bus. (Momma would be proud, no DWI's for me thank you).

So I decide its time to get on the road bike again for the fun of it. Saturday was a hot & humid day here in southwest Virginia but a great ride was had nonetheless.
Feeling good to be back in the saddle I decide, though not in my best interest, to show up to what is now the "sunday morning dicklips ride". Why is it such you may ponder? Simple, there are more dicklips on this ride per capita than on other days.

Don't bother to google dicklips cause you won't find anything resembling said dicklips. Most likely, you'll get something that looks like this in google images:

So, the sunday dicklips are the homers that don't ride on saturday for a variety of lame-dick reasons like family affairs, saturday church, football, or simply being to lazy to ride on saturday.
Traditionally sunday rides are to be an easier recovery pace to either:
a. Recover from a hard days training ride on saturday
b. Recover from a hard nights drinking binge
c. Ride the bike to socialize with friends
d. Recover from a hard day & night's drinking binge
e. All of the above

Alas, the dicklips need to come out & ride some fred-ass custom steel or titanium bike that they had to take a second mortgage on. Sure fire sign of dicklip-ness.
So please dicklips, please ride your bikes on saturday or chill out on sunday before you find yourself being elbowed into the roadside ditch by a fat, hungover, pissed off to be woke up this early on a sunday, mountainbiker.

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