Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why ride a mountain bike?

I had to explain to my roadie friends why I talk about the pleasures of mountain biking so much. So in order to convey the message to all, there is no better way to melt off the stress than to hit the woods.

I'm riding to enjoy riding. All the road competition does is take away the joy of riding a bike. I do not have lofty goals of dominating any races, training threshold, or such, I like to ride simply to ride. See some bear, turkeys, birds in the woods & enjoy it for what it is.

I think that is a major reason why the road is getting to me. Way too much Type A shit going on, & it is burning me out.

You really need to experience camping & mountain biking. It is very soothing with the right group of people. You wake up whenever, make a big greasy breakfast. Tell stories about who was drunk & puked the night before. Get your gear on & then ride at whatever pace you feel like for 2-6 hours. Get back to the camp, crack open a beer, jump in the creek to wash-up, put on warm clothes, eat dinner, make a campfire, & then drink beer all night long till you pass out by the warmth of the fire.

Wake up the next morning & repeat.

What could be more relaxing than that?

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