Thursday, August 14, 2008

Monkey-Stompin the Cat 2 Wanna-be

Wow, what a fun Wednesday Worlds race ride. I laid my plan down & it worked out ok. 5th on the way out, 2nd at the mid-line sprint, and I still monkey-stomped Tim "Cockstainski" at the top of Harding on his feeble attempt at a sprint. The last two occurred after avoiding a nice one rider crash at close to 28mph in the rain soaked roads. Take note Matt P., Harne, & Cora, that's how you keep a bike upright, even in the rain. I'll give lessons at $85 an hour. Better yet, get a mountain bike & I'll teach you for free.

Ok that's enough talk. I don't want to be know as Cockstainski and talk the talk but not walk the walk.

Tim, here's my monkey-stomper for you. Better put that downgrade request in for Cat 4.

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