Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Doors school of love

After weeks of slacking I dragged my sorry ass back to yoga. My legs, back, shoulders have become so tight after not stretching for over a month & I have started to feel the ill effects on the bike. After a winter of yoga twice a week, I felt more balanced & stronger on the bike. But with the warm weather I wanted to ride more than before muscle maintenance & in one short month my body went to imbalanced hell. So I go back to yoga....and remember why the hell I liked going so much.

Sure the stretches & poses feel good, but thats not the reason. Nope, its the hot as girls and women in class. I finally spoke with my yoga dream girl, though the conversation was more a friendly formality than the envisioned coolness I thought it would be. Somewhere over the course of my aging 10 years, I lost the easy game I had back in school & college. Being schooled in the Jim Morrison school of love was much easier when I was carefree & young. My pick-up line was some stoner smile, rock n' roll, and booze. It worked quite well.

Somewhere responsibility, work, & maturity have sucked the fun out of the old Capt_phun. I used to not give a fuck, I still kind of don't, but not with the reckless abandonment & sexual prowess I used to purvey. Which leads me to some thoughts. I need to either:
A) start drinking more
b) start drugging more
c) hit myself in the head with a hammer till I have the mental awareness of the carefree 22 year old I used to be
d) start drinking more
e) just throw it out there with the ladies & stop fearing rejection
f) start drinking & drugging more simultaneously

I think I'll go with all of the above, minus C.

I know one thing. I need to go back to summer school, summer school of The Doors that fueled that confident romantic that used to be a charmer. Old friends from back in the day can attest to the drunken skills I used to have... so Jim where have they gone? I recall the easier days when the conversations were as simple as you told me they would be. Something along the lines of:
Hey what's your name?
How old are you?
Where'd you go to school?
Well, now that we know each other a little bit better,
Why don't you come over here and make me feel all right!

Oh Gloria, come on back...

You took me home, To your house.
Your father's at work,Y our mama's out shopping around.
Check me into your room. Show me your thing. Why'd you do it baby?
Getting softer--slow it down, softer, get it down. Now you show me your thing.
Wrap your legs around my neck, Wrap your arms around my feet, yeah.
Wrap your hair around my skin.
I'm gonna huh--all right, ok, yeah.
It's getting harder--It's getting too darn fast, etc.
Come on, now, let's get it on. Too late, too late, too late, too late, too late,
Make me feel all right! G-L-O-R-I-A!

doors gloria

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