Monday, May 04, 2009

Brain Changes and Bike Rides

The weather has brought warmth, sunshine, and lush green mountains. It seems overnight the beautiful mountains that surround me on my rides have gone from a drab, lifeless brown, to a glowing green. The smell of flowers, cool moist breeze, and buzzing bugs reminds me of how beautiful the world is when in bloom. All is good on the pedals, and all seems good in the brain.

With all the talk of economic gloom, pig swine, and all the general bullshit the media pumps out, I have tuned it out and now focus on the good. I am happy to have a job that I can now ride my bike to, have good food on the table, a loving family, and a great circle of friends. This year has been a whirlwind of bad news, but keeping a positive outlook on it all is now the norm.

The bike has been enjoyable and I am looking forward to planning a weekend getaway out to Davis, WV for a nice mountain bike and beer chill out.

I think one reason for all my new found optimism is some great music recently discovered. Every year I like to think back & vote for my personal album of the year. This year, already in April I think I have found it in Band of Horses. Positive songs, nice vocal effects, and just the kind of melodic soothing tunes that I would sing on a way out to a mountain bike camping weekend.

Great song, though the title should be: "I go to the barn because I like the"

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