Thursday, December 18, 2008

Losing a whole week

The never ending shitty weather that has descended on Blacksburg has caused the Captain to spiral into a funk of boredom and self-reflection. Aside from the thrice weekly yoga, the Captain has become a caged beast behind the bars of physical inactivity and a slumping economy. Without the ability to take the angst out on the bike, burying all of life’s worries in a beautiful orchestra of sweat, suffering, and simultaneous endorphin produced high, life becomes a slow motion slog of repetitive chores. Click on the weather and look for respite from the madness. 5 more days of this rain, fuck me.

With no physical outlet to ease an even wandering mind, the only choice is towards menial house work but you can only sweep the floor so many times before you realize this is no was to pass time. And for whatever reason, the Captain has sworn off the drink till New Years. Sure it's kind of an ass-backwards New Years, or should I say End Years, resolution, but hey I think I have about a 26% chance of upholding it. If this rain keeps up, the odds decline ever faster.

So I’m forced to sit here and type witty shit to keep the mind from eating itself . Listening to music from the hey-day of my life, reminiscing about ex-girlfriends, and dammit stop looking at that bottle of beer and concentrate. But really there isn’t much to focus on. Christmas is a week away, but at my age, Santa is more about time off from work than presents or any of the material shit that I’ve been busy selling off on eBay, trying to lighten the load for when the great mind-snap comes & I leave town on a whim for greener pastures.

Until then the only solace comes from 90’s rock and hazy memories of good times gone by. I’m still amazed, and one of my great loves, is the association of music to memories. Some memories are clearer than others, and some of the best are covered in a green haze of broken fragments and cake covered fingers. Yet, as the Captain ages, and the gray hair, and not just on your head…(wtf nobody ever told me of this part of aging) become more prominent, I can’t escape the great times spent with those close to my heart and the distance that separates us all at this time of year. So all I can do is sing along staring at old pictures of a young Captain & long missed friends.

Ohhh let the music/memory association roll on…

"I remember you and me used to spend The whole goddamned day in bed"


reid beloni said...

Why don't you come over to Tuesday Thursday trainer parties in Reid's basement. Its fun.

Lester said...


I'm sad. You got to see me several times throughout the year, is this not grounds for a good year?

Too, Cole made your blog list but I didn't......