Monday, October 13, 2008

No Frostburg Adventure, poop

Unfortunately the trip to Frostburg to visit Chili had to be postponed when I got a call that Momma was in the Hospital. Turned out to be nothing serious but it was enough to have to hang onto the J-Dog for the weekend since she would not be able to doggy-sit. So I did the only thing I could do, ride the bike & relax.

Friday was a nice ride down to the New River with Matt "Pork n' Beans" after having not been on the road bike in over 2 weeks. Man that felt awkward. The legs were dead & climbing back into town hurt like hell. Then I had to see the horrible scene of Matt running over a squirrel. I guess the rodent deserved it cause if you are dumb enough to run into a bike going 15mph, Natural Selection rules. Serves that squirrel right for being a drunk.

Saturday was another day on the road bike & along with the changing leaves, Autumn brought out the Dicklips. Afterwards, I felt like total trash, must have been something I ate.

Sunday I broke out the Mountain Bike for a 15 mile ride at Poverty Creek . After climbing Horse Nettle I descended the awesome trail "Beauty" which is a trail not even shown on the map, ahhh local knowledge goodness. Then climbed back up Horse Nettle & descended Snake Root. It was a beautiful day & on the way out I ran into John the Hippie on his new 29er.... which got me thinking, hmmm 29er's sure look nice. So Sunday bored on the coach, well this is what happened:

So now I wait for Brown Santa to bring me my new toy, oh joy!

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