Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where Did It All Go?

Two weeks ago I find myself in some nicely improving form. About 10 days off for the holiday's gave me plenty of time to rest, ride, & eat... ahh the life of a cyclist, if it could only be this way everyday. The legs were coming around well, the power was improving, and the general aches & pains were gone due to gym work & yoga. Riding again was fun & motivational as turning the pedals over was easy.

Fast forward to the past week and the form is gone. Constant left calf cramps sting like a dull needle in the leg. Its an annoyance more than anything & better than the 2 days of constant stomach bug that had ruined any hope of Andrew Gold this past saturday.

This week the team heads down to Georgia for a 4 day training camp. Yep the Devil Went Down to Georgia. Hopefully the bug will be gone & the legs will be ok so I can steal some souls on Brasstown Bald.


Matthew Phillips said...

Don't worry about. Grab a burrito (seven layer of course) and kick back:

Lester said...

Don't forget to have a bud heavy with the burrito. That always helps.

You'll be fine by this thursday.

Soul stealing??.....that sounds like Cole